Élite course

€ 34 until 06.30.2022 / € 42 up to 5st of August

Open course

€ 19 until 06.30.2021 / € 24 up to 5st of August

Discover course

€ 24 until 06.30.2022 / € 29 up to 5st of August


15 € until 30.06.2021 / € 20 up to 5st of August

Vertical race

€ 12 until 06.30.2022 / € 14 up to 5st of August


Limited to 1.800 trailers

Registration 2022 :

 Online registration

You have until August 3 to deposit the copy of your medical certificate in your runner's space.
Your registration must be complete (Certificate or license provided) when you collect your bib.
No document can be returned upon withdrawal due to the health measures implemented.
If your registration is incomplete, you will not be able to collect your bib and start.

Additional pieces to attach to your registration :

Provide a copy of a medical certificate of practice of sport in competition dating from less than one year to the day of the race. Certificates are not returned.

 Download a model of medical certificate to be completed by your doctor