Race rules

All the answers to your questions are in the rules.

ART 1: The organizer

The Trail Ubaye Salomon Kid is organized by the Pra Loup tourist office (association law 1901) domiciled at the House of Pra Loup - 04400 Pra Loup.

ART 2: Date

It will take place on Saturday, August 10, 2019 in Pra Loup in the Ubaye Valley (Alpes de Haute Provence).

ART 3: The courses

3 courses are offered to runners:

"Athletics schools" course: 700 m and + 60 m of elevation gain
"Poussins" trail: 1,9 km and + 140 m of elevation gain
"Benjamins and Minimes" course: 3 km and + 220 m of elevation gain

ART 4: Categories

The Trail Ubaye Salomon Kid is open to Men and Women, categories:

Athletics schools: 2010 to 2012
Poussin : 2008 - 2009
Benjamins : 2006 - 2007
Minimes : 2004 - 2005

Tracks "Athletics Schools": Athletics Schools
Course "Poussins ": Poussins
Course "Benjamins and Minimes": Benjamins and Minimes

ART 5: Medical Certificate

All participants must provide a copy of a non-consensual medical certificate to the practice of athletics or competitive running dating less than one year old or a copy of a FFA Competition license, Health - FFA leisure, FFA, FSGT, UFOLEP, FSCF, FFTri, FFCO, FFPM pass runing. Medical certificates will not be returned.

ART 6: Material

Riders must be in possession of the following equipment:

Mandatory : A pair of shoes adapted to mountain trail.
Advised : Cap, a pair of sunglasses, a rain jacket (depending on weather conditions).
Forbidden : Sticks, spiked shoes.

The competitor agrees to have the compulsory equipment on him during the whole event and to present it on any request of the Organizing Committee which will carry out verifications.

ART 7: Security

Safety is ensured by first responders of the Régie du Domaine Skiable de Pra Loup positioned along the course and a doctor positioned 100 m from the start and finish area.

ART 8: Delivery of bibs and departure

The bibs will be handed out on Saturday, August 10th from 9am to 10.30am in the lobby of Pra Loup tourist office.

The start will be from the Pra Loup 1600.

11:00 am : Athletics Schools course
11:15 : Poussins course
11:30 : Benjamins course
11:45 : Minimes course.

The arrival will be in front of tracks, Pra Loup 1600 (identical to the point of departure).

ART 9: Time Barriers, Controls and Abandonments

No time barrier on the courses.

Riders are not allowed to leave marked trails.

In case of no passage to a checkpoint, non-compliance with regulations, pollution (jet packaging, paper, etc ...) the rider will be disqualified.

Unannounced inspections take place on the courses. In case of abandonment, the bib will be removed and the rider is required to wait for the wire or a controller to regain the finish together.

ART 10: Bad weather

In case of bad weather, no change on the course.

The arrival will always be in front of tracks.

In case of bad weather, the organizing committee will make every effort to offer the most comfortable welcome possible to all participants, but the rain complicates an organization and we count on your understanding.

ART 11: Award ceremony and awards

The awards ceremony will take place in front of the slopes (or the lobby of the tourist office in case of bad weather) at 12:00.

Will be rewarded: all participants

ART 12: Liability insurance

Runners must be in possession of third party liability insurance. It is reminded that in case of medical evacuation (ambulance, helicopter, etc ...) these costs will be your responsibility if your child is not insured.*

ART 13: Wearing the bib

The bib must be visible on the chest so that the number is easily identifiable. Attention, the pins for fixing are not provided.

ART 14: Rules, schedules and routes

The organizing committee reserves the right to modify the rules, the course and the schedules according to the meteorological conditions.

ART 15: Right to the image

Parents, through the participation of their children, authorize the press, the organizing committee and their partners to exploit in all media, images and videos made, on which they can be visible.

ART 16: Acceptance and knowledge of the rules

By registering, you acknowledge having read the rules and agree to abide by them.